Mirka federer and roger federer dating

“Continuous discussion with my wife about the family, about my kids, is everybody happy on tour, are we happy to pack up and go on tour for five, six, seven weeks.

But arguably Federer has only become the greatest tennis player of all time thanks to the stability in his private life; due largely to his wife’s own sacrifices and her willingness to create a pretty damn perfect family of five-year-old twin girls and 6 month-old twin boys.In a rare interview with Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte, she emphasised the value of her own tennis knowledge (her career was cut short by injury in 2002), saying: “That’s why we get along so perfectly. If he wants to sleep long I definitely won’t wake him by getting up early.” She is absolutely right.Her career did not last long – she was forced to retire through injury in 2002 – but because she had been a player and knew the stresses and strains of life on the tour, she and Federer were able to forge not only a personal relationship but a working relationship, too.Three years older than her illustrious husband at 39, Mirka keeps herself to herself: she does not talk to the media, she is not front of house in the global production that is Roger Federer Inc. Even with two sets of twins to care for, she still travels the world – and, apparently loves the lifestyle – and runs the family household, wherever it pitches up, around her husband’s needs and timetable. Quietly coiffured like Andy Murray’s Kim or frowny and ‘feisty’ like Mirka Federer?

You must choose because there is nothing in between.Because without her, the record-breaking, grand slam-winning legend simply could not do what he does and he happily admits it.“So she’s the key to a lot of this. We’re having a great time.“So she’s been amazing support for me. I’m happy she allows me to chase our dreams really, because she’s in it as much as I am, even though she’s more on a different side right now.But she’s happy to be doing it, not on a weekly basis just because the traveling gets too much with the four [children]. She’s not as invested in the whole tennis bit like she used to be.”When they met at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, she was Mirka Vavrinec, an aspiring player born in Slovakia but living in Switzerland.Being married to a man whose life is more important than yours can feel lonely, demoralising and - on more childish days - completely unfair.Like so many wives before her, Mrs Federer feels that her time will come when Federer’s body can no longer take the grind of the circuit. We have discussed this.” I wish her luck with that. There is only one thing worse than a driven, stubborn sportsman and that’s a driven, stubborn ex-sportsman.Her name is Mirka, his wife of eight years, his partner of 17 years.