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One security researcher going by the name Bleeping Computer told Mail Online that x-ray machines and other critical medical devices could be deactivated in hospitals, adding: 'We're going to see wide-scale damage.'He continued: 'The biggest computers that may have an issue are those running old legacy hardware or software systems such as healthcare and control systems for industrial services.

Things like that that are running on archaic operating systems simply because they don't have the ability to upgrade.'There was a power plant infected by this which is really scary because those are the most vulnerable types of systems.'Russia's Rosneft oil company and steel firm Evraz, Danish shipping giant A. Moller-Maersk, and global law firm DLA Piper confirmed issues, along with French industrial group Saint-Gobain.

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While experts cannot definitively say where that attack originated, information hidden in the code used to run in pointed to the involvement of North Korea. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that criminals use to attack computer systems.

Hackers often demand the victim to pay ransom money to access their files or remove harmful programs.

Radiation checks at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site in Ukraine were being carried out manually after the wave of cyber attacks.

A spokesman said: 'Due to the temporary disconnection of Windows systems, radiation monitoring of the industrial site is being carried out manually.' Rozenko Pavlo, Ukraine's deputy Prime Minister, posted an image of his locked computer, saying 'all computers of the government' had fallen victim to the virus.

He called the attack 'unprecedented', though said vital services would not be affected.

Another screen with red text warns that files on the computer have been encrypted and will only be released if a payment of £300 in anonymous online currency Bitcoin is made.'It's like somebody sneezing into a train full of people,' said Botezatu.'You just have to exist there and you're vulnerable.' Others said Golden Eye appears to be exploiting the same Windows weakness used by Wanna Cry in order to spread itself rapidly.Ideally we'll have to find a way to decrypt the files or else people are not going to get them back.'The ransomware targets computers using the Windows XP operating system which have not installed the latest security updates released by Microsoft.Experts fear that could mean major infrastructure such as healthcare systems and power networks using archaic technology will be the worst affected.The aggressive attacks dupe users into clicking on a fake link – whether it's in an email or on a fake website, causing an infection to corrupt the computer.