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), and had lusted for her since before I began puberty - She caught me masturbating to a picture of her, once, when I was 13.

I used to listen to my mom and step-dad fuck, standing with with my ear pressed to their bedroom door, listening to her moans of pleasure and cumming, while I jerked off, fantasizing that I was the one fucking Mom, making her cum, and calling my name, instead of his, as she came.

She was lonely, so I began taking her out drinking and clubbing, in TJ, to cheer her up.

Occasionally, when she was drunk enough, (I later found out Mom always ordered her drinks 'virgin'), she would reach under the table, unzip my pants, fondle me, and nibble and kiss on my neck.

The only one available had only one, full-sized bed in it, so we had to share.