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At some point, the young man had stolen a key fob to a 2018 BMW X6.Cutting off the identification argument, the man ran into the lot, leapt in the appropriate BMW and sped away, turning north on Mallory Lane.I am certainly not blaming Metro PD in any way." Walsh said it "unfair to judge anything that we did or did not do based on what happened on Sunday morning." Thus, Travis Reinking got away with stealing a luxury automobile right off the lot.

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That young man, police now say, was 29-year-old Travis Reinking, who 106 hours after stealing the car would allegedly kill four people at a Waffle House early Sunday morning, firing his AR-15 into the crowded all-night restaurant just a half-mile from his apartment complex.

The apartment complex where the BMW was recovered Tuesday night.

The young man kept accelerating as patrol cars neared. It was too risky, given the speed and time of day; besides, the late-model luxury car had GPS and would be easily tracked and recovered at much lower risk to the public.

Indeed, Metro Nashville Police found the X6 later Tuesday, parked outside an Antioch apartment complex, 10 or so miles as the crow flies northwest of the dealership. The young man's image had been captured on surveillance inside the dealership, but no one knew who he was; after all, his refusal to turn over his license was what led to the argument in the first place.

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The dealership contacted Brentwood Police and officers began a pursuit.

But it was rush hour and the stretch of road heading out of Cool Springs and towards Brentwood proper is one of the busiest in Williamson County, just south of Nashville.

His family told the sheriff's deputy that Travis had talked about killing himself and that he had guns in his house.

For some reason, shortly thereafter, Reinking swung back into the parking lot.

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